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"How much should I be working out?"

This is one of the most common questions I hear during my consultations over the past decade. It depends and there are many reasons why.  Rarely does a person walk in who has never participated in any form of exercise. It’s usually someone...

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FREE COV19 Workout Templates + Online Training

The Ballantyne personal training studio has temporarily been closed since the end of day March 25th due to COV19. The hope is I will be able to open April 30th or May 1st when the shelter in place order hsa been lifted.  In the meanwhile, I have...

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Should You Be Training for Strength or Hypertrophy?

  When people come to me, 99% of the time they’re running in circles. There may be a goal in sight but no efficient plan to get there. The training is often conflicting with the individuals’ end game.  I’m referring to...

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