personal training gym charlotte nc

The RP app itself tells you exactly what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. You can cycle between fat loss, maintenance, and muscle building phases. The app breaks down your macros (protein/carbs/fats) meal to meal and it autoregulates from week to week based on your scale weight.

You can get a annual 50% discount with my code "tc10" paying $89.99 instead of $ can be cancelled at any time.


Below are a few Youtube videos that provide a basic tutorial and review if you want to learn more. I try to get all my in studio clients to use it, not everyone does but it's my preference and what I encourage people to do.

personal training gym charlotte nc

Yazmin Stevens - Youtube Review & Basic Tutorial

Daniel Lewis - How Does RP Diet Work Review


I very seldom provide referrals to anything, Renaissance Periodization is one of the very few companies that I do. This includes plans for fat loss, maintenance, and muscle gain phases. While there is a learning curve for the app and meal preparation, this allows us to focus on training at the gym and your diet is essentially handled by the app. Guess work is eliminated and your diet instructions become automated. It literally tells you what and how much to eat, while adjusting your quantities weekly based on weigh-ins.

As a former MyFitnessPal user, I made the switch to the RP Diet templates back in 2015 and eventually the RP diet app. I've never looked back. I always provide clients with the option of using MFP or RP but emphasize that in my opinion RP will yield greater results, better adherence, improved energy, increased strength and a overall high level of structure.

Normally a $14.99/month, my code will discount the annual rate by 50%. Use code "TC10" for $89.99/year