1 on 1 Personal Trainer at Taylor Carpenter's Personal Training Studio in Ballantyne, Charlotte NC

At Taylor Carpenter Personal Training, I provide the only true private one on one personal training facility in Charlotte, NC (Ballantyne). Work with a highly qualified professional personal trainer and reserve this studio exclusively for yourself! Gym is fully equipped with top of the line equipment, cardio room, shower, and kitchenette!

  • No groups during your one on one
  • No large crowds
  • No waiting for equipment
  • No contracts

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  • Taylor is always on the top of your food intake, work out in and out of his gym and any health issues you may have. He gives great suggestions and more importantly he tells you what needs to be done regardless of whether you like it or not.–Gaurang P.

  • Taylor provides an overall training experience – a comprehensive and varied workout plan (never boring), attention to and instruction on form, resources on how to track meals and calories, and email blasts containing workout how-to instructions, trends in fitness, and resources on diet and supplements.  –Catina S.

  • Clean, committed and consistent. Not one size fits all and it seems Taylor is committed to finding the right fit to getting anyone healthy. The one on one approach works!–Chad J.

  • I have seen a tremendous change in the toning of my body and have noticed a significant change in my endurance and strength. The workout routine is never the same and it is easy to notice that Taylor puts in a lot of time outside of our sessions to plan each routine thoroughly.–Samantha O.

  • He never judges when you aren’t able to complete something fully, he is a pleasure to work with! The gym is very clean and he continues to make improvements. In my opinion, it is certainly money well spent.–Heather J.

  • It is evident Taylor knows what he is doing and my sessions are not repetitive so I don’t get bored. The gym is super clean and Taylor is well-organized. I like that I am the only person there, there are no distractions, and I get instant feedback on technique/form.–Lori G.

  • He tailors workouts to your fitness level. I hate working out, but I actually look forward to my work outs with Taylor!–Lindsey S.

  • Taylor has helped me reach goals and do things that I never thought I’d be able to do. I’m seeing results (muscles and definition) I never thought I’d see. His professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. No workout is ever boring and each one is perfectly planned to fit my specific needs.–Dana S.

  • He is a dedicated personal trainer that runs a very clean gym. His training has paid off great dividends for me! He is very punctual and communicates with you all the time. I highly recommend him!–Andres G.

  • He pushes me physically and mentally far more than I would ever push myself working out on my own – and he does it in a way that isn’t militaristic or mean spirited. Outside of the sessions, Taylor is still looking out for your goals by encouraging you to track your food in MyFitnessPal so that he can better understand your caloric intake and can offer suggestions or advice to help support your workouts.–Jennifer E.

  • Great equipment, clean studio and constantly changing workouts. If something isn’t working, Taylor will figure out a way to fix it. He is very knowledgeable, personable and patient. Great trainer!–Christine Y.

  • HIGHLY recommend Taylor. He takes a very personal interest in your goals and sets out a customized plan to help you achieve them. What I appreciate most is that in the gym he pushes me harder than I would push myself and he holds me accountable to nutrition and exercise goals.–Michael L.


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I have worked with hundreds of personal training clients in Charlotte, NC ranging from 9 to over 75 years old. Some of the goals have included weight loss, nutrition training, strength gain, hypertrophy, sports performance, cardiovascular conditioning, overall health improvement, and most recently amateur bodybuilding.


In 2012 I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Do you feel you could be doing something wrong? If you’re concerned about proper mechanics and form I’m here to help. Exercising can be very dangerous if done incorrectly and if you wind up on the disabled list, you won’t be reaching any of your goals!


I earned my Fitness Nutrition Specialist credential in 2014. Developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in partnership with leading registered dietitians, this course was designed to provide advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successly work with clients seeking basic nutritional guidance. This has led to my success with 100’s of varied clients on their dietary habits over the years.


The most recent Behavior Change Specialist certification came in March 2017. This program was designed to help clients overcome mental blocks & plateaus by way of positive change in behavior. Many themes from short & long term goal setting, motivation, visualization techniques, and more were taught. The BCS addresses the cognitive functions of behavioral change to improve dietary and exercise adherence.


Picking up a heavier or lighter weight is not necessarily the first step in altering difficulty in an exercise. Foot, hand, and trunk positioning, repetition tempo, depth are just a few things that can have an instant impact.


Shouldn’t the best personal trainer in Charlotte, NC already know it all? If I knew it all I wouldn’t have the capacity or need to learn anything else. I’m constantly looking for new knowledge to help myself grow, not only as a personal trainer but as someone trying to surpass my own fitness goals. I continue my education by enrolling in advanced training programs, learning from others in my field, reading the latest scientific peer reviewed research on diet/exercise (for my own benefit as well as yours), and most importantly: by questioning everything! Science has brought us very far but all of our questions haven’t been answered. 


Scroll up top to the video for a 2nd look. I continually add new pieces to the gym and upgrade the old. I’ve been at my location since 2012: installed two full on rubber flooring upgrades (because the 1st wasn’t good enough), and every item in the studio has been upgraded/purchased from the most elite equipment manufacturers in the industry! I workout here as well so I want the best of the best. Lots of money is reinvested into the business annually to provide a top notch environment to train.


Without an appropriate diet, your hard work in the gym could go to waste assuming you’re not one of the lucky ones with amazing metabolism. All clients are in different dietary stages so I provide a few options. The most basic is setting up MyFitnessPal and guiding clients through reasonable changes: counting calories, weighing food, monitoring macronutrients. “Cheat sheets”, along with other resources are also provided. For the more experienced dieter we can discuss getting a bit more particular during the free consultation. I’m always available to answer your nutrition questions.


The best resource I have for advertising, is satisfied customers. If you refer business to me I will in turn reward you with free personal training sessions. You can read over many many positive testimonials from clients.


Along with the referrals, I occasionally provide free session opportunities for existing clients. Clients definetly have to earn it but I do try and reward loyal customers who have been with me.


All clients are sent 24 hour reminder emails in an effort to avoid late cancellations and missed sessions. I send weekly availability emails for makeup slots and I manually handle booking your sessions so it doesn’t fall on you. Confirmations on bookings, cancellations, and makeups are always instantly sent out.


As a personal trainer and small business owner, I network with many different health & wellness professionals in the Ballantyne area for a variety of reasons. With confidence and trust, I can recommend a registered dietitian, chiropractor, sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, and more.