Taylor Carpenter Personal Training in Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC

"Taylor provides a personalized and effective program, and I've seen rapid, consistent results in my body composition, strength, and endurance since I started. For me, this has included nearly 20 lbs lost since I started 10 weeks ago. The workouts themselves have plenty of variety while being focused on high value movements, and because Taylor meticulously tracks your exercise history and areas of strength and weakness, they ultimately feel very data driven and targeted. Put simply, if you work with Taylor and take the program seriously you will see the results in the mirror."


"Taylor is AWESOME! I have been training with Taylor for over 2 years. I love the 1:1 training and having the gym to myself. Also, the gym is pristine, he keeps it sooo clean. He tailors the workouts to what motivates you. He instills confidence in you when you second guess your abilities. He takes the time to teach the why behind nutrition and exercises. You will not be disappointed!"


"I've been training with Taylor for a little over a month and am already seeing results. The gym is always clean, he provides great info to help you meet your goals, and helps you stay on track. I also enjoy being able to workout alone while I'm learning the proper postures and how to use the equipment. I definitely recommend him."


"I must say that Taylor is the most kind and patient person. He always makes each workout different. I have already seen some great results so far. He is always there to motivate me and give me good nutrition advice. He gives you his undivided attention every time you are there. He has the cleanest gym you will ever find. He goes out of his way to customize things to your needs and any health issues you may be facing. It is so nice when you go in for your workouts because you have his gym all to yourself. If you have ever considered looking into finding the best personal trainer around then you need not look any further than Taylor Carpenter. He is the best of the best!! Go to Taylor and you will be amazed at what he can do for you to help get you in the best shape of your life!! He truly is a miracle worker and has such a gift at helping people achieve their fitness goals!! Thank You so much Taylor for all you have done for me so far!!"


"Been working with Taylor for two months now and I'm seeing great results. Losing body fat and getting stronger. The private studio is great since there aren't a bunch of people in your way and slowing down your workout. Would definitely recommend."


"I highly recommend training with Taylor! I really enjoy the workouts, have seen results quickly, and learned a lot. He doesn't just give you a workout, Taylor creates a customized plan. The gym is clean and all equipment is in great condition. As an added bonus, he can give you a ton of nutrition tips to help reach your goals faster."


"I have been training here for a few months now, and I could not be happier! Every time I go in Taylor has new workouts ready for me so it does not get boring. In addition he closely monitors my diet to make sure I am on track to receive the results I am looking for. All in all it's been a fantastic experience."


"It's great how there is only one person working out in the studio at a time, I can fully concentrate on myself and my exercising. I also really like how everyday is different, Taylor is always giving me new exercises and workouts to do, it keeps me on my toes!"


"Great equipment, clean studio and constantly changing workouts. If something isn't working, Taylor will figure out a way to fix it. He is very knowledgeable, personable and patient. Great trainer!"


"HIGHLY recommend Taylor. He takes a very personal interest in your goals and sets out a customized plan to help you achieve them. What I appreciate most is that in the gym he pushes me harder than I would push myself and he holds me accountable to nutrition and exercise goals."


"Great experience. I was only able to train for 3 months but it was excellent. I lost weight and got stronger, felt incredible. I will go back when the time is right! The one-on-one is what I was looking for and this is the place. The gym has everything you need plus its always super clean! He's a great guy too. He's always there, ready to go. Definitely recommend!"


"I have been working with Taylor for a few months now. I have always been fairly active, but wanted some 1-on-1 training to meet some personal goals and I have been very pleased with the results here. It is evident Taylor knows what he is doing and my sessions are not repetitive so I don't get bored. The gym is super clean and Taylor is well-organized.

I like that I am the only person there, there are no distractions, and I get instant feedback on technique/form.

If you are interested in personal training with a side of nutritional counseling, I would definitely recommend Taylor."


"I love having the gym to myself! Taylor is a great Trainer. I'm very pleased with the results!"


"I started with Taylor about 10 months after having weight loss surgery, knowing I had hit a plateau working out on my own and ready for something more. Taylor has helped me reach goals and do things that I never thought I'd be able to do.

I'm seeing results (muscles and definition) I never thought I'd see. His professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. No workout is ever boring and each one is perfectly planned to fit my specific needs.

Taylor also helps with nutrition, giving excellent advice and ideas about carbs, fat, and protein. My Fitness Pal has become part of my daily routine now!

Taylor will definitely motivate you, push you beyond your perceived limitations, and help you keep striving to reach your personal best."


"Taylor does more than the average trainer. He not only gives you workouts but helps you out with nutrition as well when most other trainers will charge you extra for that. He tailors workouts to your fitness level. I hate working out, but I actually look forward to my work outs with Taylor."


"I stared with Taylor in November 2013. It was the best decision I have made, the workouts are never the same, and I truly look forward to going. He never judges when you aren't able to complete something fully, he is a pleasure to work with!

The gym is very clean and he continues to make improvements.

In my opinion, it is certainly money well spent. If you are looking for a personal trainer, you've found one!"


"I have been working with Taylor for 3 months now. In the 3 months I have seen a tremendous change in the toning of my body and have noticed a significant change in my endurance and strength. The workout routine is never the same and it is easy to notice that Taylor puts in a lot of time outside of our sessions to plan each routine thoroughly. Aside from the actual sessions, Taylor is motivating and definitely provides the accountability to stay on track. I'm excited to be working with him in order to reach my goals."


"If you are looking for a trainer that is prepared, is a professional in every aspect of being a trainer and running his own business, and will help you reach your health goals, look no further. I joined in April of 2014 and have nothing but great experiences to share about working with Taylor (lost 43 pounds!). He is well prepared every session and takes care of everything during the session that is tailored to my needs and goals. All you have to do is show up, he really does the rest to ensure you get the most out of your time. Best of all he listens well and also keeps you honest."


"Clean, committed and consistent. Not one size fits all and it seems Taylor is committed to finding the right fit to getting anyone healthy. The one on one approach works!"


"Had a great experience with Taylor!!! Creates challenging workouts that are personalized for your goals and also holds you accountable with what you are putting into your body. You will definitely be pushed to your limits, as well as gain valuable knowledge about exercising and eating habits."


"Working with Taylor is a tough yet very rewarding challenge. It's great to have that accountability partner to workout with even when you don't feel like working out, you don't want to let him down. The workouts are great because they're never the same and I can feel myself getting stronger each time."


"I have been training with Taylor for a few months and have been progressing towards my goals very well. If you are looking for a personal trainer that is focused, knowledgeable, professional and detail oriented then Taylor is a great option.

He is always on the top of your food intake, work out in and out of his gym and any health issues you may have. He gives great suggestions and more importantly he tells you what needs to be done regardless of whether you like it or not.

I am very pleased with my experience and will continue receive the training till I achieve my goals and I am sure Taylor is also equally dedicated to make that happen."


"He is a dedicated personal trainer that runs a very clean gym. His training has paid off great dividends for me! He is very punctual and communicates with you all the time. I highly recommend him."


"I'm a 29 year old female who had never worked out a day in my life until I met Taylor. I have been training with Taylor for about a month and a half now. I have to say that I never thought I would get a personal trainer and do this but I wanted to get stronger and build muscle mass so I thought I'd try it out. After one month, I was so pleased I continued to sign up with him. Not only does it 'force' you to work out but he makes it fun so time goes really fast. I have to say, I have seen results that I never thought were possible. When I started, I could barely do a girl push up and now I can do guy push ups! Unlike other trainers, he doesn't use many machines. He teaches you how to do things on your own at home with whatever you might have. He spends time writing out the individual workouts for each client so it's not like he's making up things for you to do on the spot. The workouts are well thought through to work each muscle in your body and tailored to your needs-trust me you will feel it. I feel stronger and healthier. Being a vegetarian, it's hard to get all the protein but he has gone out of his way to help me figure out ways to achieve this in order to get the full benefit. He had me join "myfitnesspal.com" and watches my intake on a daily basis and keeps me on track.

Overall, I am glad to have found him to help me with my fitness goals."


"All my life I'd been what you would call "skinny fat": I had no muscle tone, high body fat (yes, even skinny people can) and absolutely no upper body strength. Imagine, not being able to lift a gallon of milk...well that was me. And don't get me started on my cardiovascular condition. One flight of stairs and I was gasping for air.

Luckily, that all changed 2 years ago when I started working out with Taylor. To say I've seen amazing results would be an understatement. I've never felt stronger or healthier. Taylor creates workouts tailored to my abilities, and desired results. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding body mechanics and the isolation/interaction of specific muscles. His workouts have become more advanced as my fitness level has increased and therefore I continue to see results. He pays close attention to correct form with each exercise which was invaluable to me as a workout newbie. He continuously encourages me to push past my self-imposed limits. Not only has my strength increased, but my cardiovascular ability has improved so much; I've recently taken up running.

In case you were wondering about that gallon of milk...about a month ago I carried a 30lb bag of dog food up the stairs without breaking a sweat so I guess you can say it's no longer a problem. Thanks to Taylor I'm in the best shape of my life and I've got the muscles to prove it."


"I started training with Taylor about 5 months ago. Discipline has always been my issue. Taylor was recommended by my friend. He is "AWESOME". Taylor is very disciplined and particular about things and that's a must quality for a fitness trainer.

He is very punctual. His communication with you is top notch. He motivates you; he will stay on top of your habits to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do when you are not with him. His studio is clean and well equipped to achieve any results. His approach is very systematic and structured.

It has been a great experience and I love the changes that are happening in my body and in my energy levels. If you want to make this lifestyle change...Taylor should be your companion and mentor."


"Taylor Carpenter is an excellent Personal Trainer. He has the ideal model and philosophy in which he runs his business. He is dedicated to giving his clients the ultimate workout experience each and every time you enter his gym. Taylor takes the time to prepare a new and uniquely for you workout plan each session. During your time slot he gives you one hundred percent and is continually encouraging, pushing and keeping the focus on your specific workout needs.

In the past, I signed on with other programs, but never followed through, until I met Taylor. His facility offers you the individual attention in a strictly one on one setting. This has been the key for me to build my confidence while striving for continued success with my workouts and weight loss.

I would highly recommend Taylor Carpenter Personal Training."


"I started working out with Taylor in an effort to gain strength and flexibility. He completely understands what my goals are and has been able to address them with total body work out. My entire body is so much stronger now. He is awesome! Punctual and professional. And, he cares and keeps the workouts varied.

I am so happy that I found Taylor. I have been working with him for about a year. You should try him!"


"First and foremost, Taylor is professional and courteous. During our initial consultation, he took time to answer all of my questions and listen to my fitness goals. He provided useful, honest feedback as to how he believed I could meet those goals.

Taylor provides an overall training experience - a comprehensive and varied workout plan (never boring), attention to and instruction on form, resources on how to track meals and calories, and email blasts containing workout how-to instructions, trends in fitness, and resources on diet and supplements. Taylor's coaching style suits me. He is deliberate and firm yet gentle and kind. He does not yell or trash talk but encourages me to push myself beyond my mental limitations.

After five weeks of training with Taylor, I am amazed at how much stronger I've become and how many sets I can get through without fail. Today, I did my first set of 95 pound deadlifts! Woohoo!!! Taylor's gym is impeccably neat and clean and houses state of the art equipment."


"I've had the pleasure of working out with Taylor for a little over a month now and I am amazed at the results I have experienced. I have achieved more results in the past month than I have in 6 months of working out on my own. He took the time to talk to me and create a program based on my individual goals. You can tell that he has put time and thought into each work out. You see it in the results and feel it in your muscles. Taylor's training style is to continuously encourage you to push yourself beyond your limits and excel past what you thought was possible.

He is very knowledgeable about nutrition as well and has always taken the time to answer my questions. He follows what I eat on a daily basis through My Fitness Pal and offers suggestions to help me reach my overall fitness goals.

Taylor is without a doubt the best personal trainer in Charlotte. Please give him a call. Your results will speak for themselves."


"Working out was an issue for me, I would rather play sports than workout but after consistent 'encouragement' from my wife and the results I saw in her, I decided to give Taylor a shot.

I have had multiple trainers throughout but was always disappointed b/c they didn't provide the best set of exercise and didn't 'push' me to my limits. The first day/session with him and I knew he would help me get back in shape. His gym might be small but its perfect for the 1-on-1 training and he has all the equipment you could think of.

With his abilities he can use one machine and do a whole day training with different exercises, just with one machine!!! He is the right person for the job...please give him a try..."


"I have been going to Taylor for 5 months now and have been amazed at the changes in myself as a result of his help. Taylor offers a truly 1 on 1 approach that doesn't just cover your sessions with him at the gym but extends to customization of your work out routine and nutritional guidance as well. No 2 days have been the same in regards to my workouts....yes, you may do the same type of exercise but its never in the same order or day of the week. He switches up the workouts to tailor the approach to areas where you need additional strengthening, to alleviate stress to an injury and also to just keep you on your toes.

He pushes me physically and mentally far more than I would ever push myself working out on my own - and he does it in a way that isn't militaristic or mean spirited.

Outside of the sessions, Taylor is still looking out for your goals by encouraging you to track your food in MyFitness Pal so that he can better understand your caloric intake and can offer suggestions or advice to help support your workouts.

In addition to the other great qualities, Taylor has been flexible with scheduling as I often have to travel unexpectedly for business - as long as I give him advance notice when possible he has worked with me to make up sessions I've missed so that I'm not getting behind or losing ground with my fitness goals. Working with him has been transformational and anyone looking for a PT should check him out."


"You want your personal trainer, who can push you to your limits, add variety to your workouts, keep records of your progress, your friend and most Important, a person who knows how human body works?! Then, Taylor Carpenter Personal Training Studio is the place for you.

I have been here just over three months and I can clearly see results with my body. I always wanted to learn how to work out properly and what it takes for all the athletes to be actually fit. I shared my personal goals with Taylor on my first meeting with him, he explained me about how our body works and how important mixing your workout helps you buckle up more!

Taylor as a personal trainer is a really good motivator who will push you to your limits and you'll still feel that you are working out with your friend. He's a very down to earth guy and he knows what are your goals and will work with you.

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we're just starting out or we've been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they'll get out of the experience or whether it's worth the money. But, my advice to you would be, if you want a good workout buddy who will help you to achieve your fitness goals, Taylor Carpenter is the guy for you.

All in all, Don't know where to start or want to see results quick enough?, try Taylor Carpenter Personal Training."


"This is my first time going to a personal trainer. Taylor listens to you and helps you develop a plan to achieve your goals. His equipment is A-1, his gym is very clean and organized and his 1 on 1 with you is very good. He is easy to get to in South Charlotte and you will see results if you do the work. He's young and he likes technology like My Fitness Pal which also really helps. In talking to him he also works with all people in all shapes and sizes and ages for whatever your goals are.

If you're looking for a trainer or to switch to a really good certified trainer in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Taylor Carpenter. Enjoy your results."


"Taylor is a joy to work out with and I enthusiastically recommend him. His attention to detail is something that struck me immediately. For instance, I worked out pretty early in the morning. He would always be there before me and would suggest I come earlier and finish warming up so that I could get more out of the workouts. Additionally, his dedication to balanced work outs with correct nutrition made me eat right.

You will love his professional yet friendly texts that serve as wonderful reminders to stay focused on goals. He truly made me aim a bit higher and his work ethic has rubbed off on me. I feel that Taylor is the best personal trainer in the city one can have. His attention to the whole body work out is pleasing and truly makes me feel better about myself.

Another happy client"


"Taylor is one special kind of trainer who makes every exercise look easier and makes every session exciting. He is very flexible with your schedule and always comes with a fresh mindset even if its around 12 in the midnight. His vast knowledge on workout combined with his guidance on food habits and flexibility makes him the best trainer.

Due to my busy schedule with flying coast to coast I had little free time and Taylor made me use this limited free time in the most efficient way. It would be an understatement to say that Taylor is the best physical fitness trainer in Charlotte, as any of his clients, I stand by this statement and would not hesitate to recommend him for your fitness routine, may it be to get in shape, to lose weight or for strength."


"It was a pleasure to work out with Taylor. His knowledge and experience helped me to look at my fitness goals differently. He is a highly professional trainer, and his work ethics are great.

Many trainers whom I met concentrated solely on my problem zones pushing me directly to the leg press machine or making me do hundreds of squats while completely ignoring my upper body. Taylor, however, has a great training program to develop upper and lower body strength. I couldn't perform some of the core exercises, but after working out with Taylor, I even started to like them. I developed higher endurance and better performance, and I can thank Taylor for that.

I also liked Taylor's attention to my personal physical limits. I had an injury for many years. With Taylor's corrective exercises and correct explanation on how to do them, my ankle feels great. I became more balanced and experience less pain while running or playing tennis.

Another great thing about working out with Taylor was his punctuality and organization. He was never late, and his sms reminders were very helpful.

I would strongly recommend Taylor to anyone who is looking to improve their life style, become stronger, and healthier person. Taylor's knowledge and understanding of clients' needs is very impressive."


"I had the pleasure of training with Taylor recently. My goal was to lose a couple of inches from my mid-section, gain muscle and lose fat, and I did exactly that, with Taylor's guidance.

Taylor's studio is unlike any other, its clean, its well-organized and well-maintained. Taylor has a positive attitude, and ensures his clients feel comfortable during workouts. I enjoyed working with him, and hope to work with him in the near future."


"I have been working out with Taylor for a few months and would highly recommend him. I have been involved in fitness for over 30 years and find Taylor to be motivational and knowledgeable. Taylor is not only interested in helping you achieve your workout goals but also gives helpful information on nutrition.

Taylor is very professional and takes his time to get to know your abilities and if you have any limitations. I have had a shoulder injury from years past and we are working on strengthening the muscles around it.

I work out 3 times per week and am seeing very good results. My energy level has increased and am losing inches. I like that his workouts don't concentrate on just one or two areas. He works all muscles and adds cardio into the workout.

I have been very pleased."


"Taylor is very qualified and professional. He was always on time and pleasant. He is very helpful in giving you additional ways for you to improve your fitness.

I know I did more with his help than I would have done on my own."