Online Personal Training

Now Accepting New Clients For A January 2020 Start

(Enrollment process will start 1st week of January. Contact now to reserve your spot)

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$200 per 28 days

  • individualized weekly workout plan in excel
  • weekly updates on training plan to ensure steady linear progression
  • unlimited email support (no phone, no skype)
  • exercises linked in excel to short youtube video tutorials for ease of use
  • nutrition guidance included (although $109 RP Diet Templates strongly recommended)
  • more in depth details below...

Is This For You?

If you ignore emails, this isn't for you! Diligent timely online communication is a must! I need your feedback on a regular basis to provide an enjoyable but more importantly progressively improving training program.

It's important to have a basic understanding of exercise mechanics and terminology. You should know how to safely perform a squat, bench press, overhead press, row, deadlift (hip hinge), etc. Understanding terms like "reps", "sets", and "volume" are also very important.

Lastly, you NEED access to a well equipped gym. This can be at home, apartment, work, or a traditional big chain gym. This will not be a program for yoga mats and bosu balls. Dumbbells and barbells are required at a minimum. A wide array of machines will be an added bonus.

Individualized For You

The onboarding process may take up to a week. You will fill out a detailed Google form regarding your injury history, goals, and preferences. I also ask for plenty of pictures from where you will be training to make a customized program with equipment you have access to.

Steady Linear Progression

The plan here is to succeed long term. Based on your feedback (and goal), the workout plan will be adjusted every 7 days. Ideally, with consistency and adherence on your part we will be adding volume and weight each week at a slow and steady pace. Thus becoming stronger and more generally fit consistently as the weeks pass by.

24/7 Email Support

I sleep odd hours so you will typically get a response to your question pretty quick, often within a few minutes depending on my schedule at the studio. I request 48 hours of lead time to make the weekly adjustments to your training log but basic questions will typically be addressed super quick!

I do not play phone tag or skype. Email is the best and only source of communication. Answers are often lengthy and thorough to ensure you have good detailed information to refer back to in the future!

YouTube Video Tutorials

I link all exercises to very short video tutorials on YouTube. If you need a refresher on how to perform any movements, this will be very convenient. I try to use videos that run 20 seconds or shorter.

Nutrition Guidance Included

If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, you have to eat accordingly. Without it, you'll likely get stronger and more fit with my programming but the amount of tissue you gain or lose will be dictated by your calorie intake.

I highly recommend the Renaissance Periodization diet templates, they're $109 (one time fee) plus $10 off with my "tc10" code. Click through to their website to learn more or ask me about it.

Alternatively, I can set your calories and macronutrients then make some recommendations in MyFitnessPal (free). Based on your food logging I can then provide ongoing feedback. If the logging is poor, the food is not scaled, etc. You're not providing me with much data to help you with. This method requires diligence. Over the years I don't think adherence seems to be incredibly high with MyFitnessPal.

In addition, pointers on eating out, adjusting diet, low volume/high volume calorie alternatives, etc. are discussed over time.


This is currently my lowest priced service. An alternative to those who cannot train at my studio. It's a great option for those whom are self motivated yet want more structure in their training routine. Your input is taken into consideration when determining exercise frequency and selection.

As with any program, hard work, consistency, and adherence are vital towards accomplishing whatever goal you may have.

If you make a lot of excuses, do not find time to work out, meal prep, provide feedback,etc then this likely won't yield the results you desire. If you get it done, will likely workout well for you.

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Assuming you have a clean bill of health and no dietary restrictions. I HIGHLY recommended that you utilize these diet templates to supplement your weight training!

Before you purchase anything else (equipment, shoes, treadmill, etc), if your goal is aesthetic than buy this.

Normal one time fee price of $109 but you can use code "tc10" for $10 off your order.

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I use and recommend powders. Two reasons, #1 it's cheaper and #2 I can buy 11lb bags opposed to just 5lbs.

  • Myprotein Impact Whey (intra and post workout)
  • Myprotein Micellar Casein (before bed and meal replacement)

Use code "TAYLOR-RT8" and get 25% off your first order of $30 or more. They regularly run specials throughout the year as well.

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Watch workout videos, PR lifts, meals, and more on my Instagram page. Any updates to the studio including new equipment, new services, etc. is always discussed in detail.

I typically workout 4-5 days per week and there is always a full log of the workouts I do from start to finish.