FREE COV19 Workout Templates + Online Training

The Ballantyne personal training studio has temporarily been closed since the end of day March 25th due to COV19. The hope is I will be able to open April 30th or May 1st when the shelter in place order hsa been lifted. 

In the meanwhile, I have created a free bodyweight at home training template for anyone to use if they would like. It can be found at

I generally believe in progressive overload when it comes to weight training. Continuously improve your strength and conditioning over a long period of time. If you can lift 100lbs this week, then lift 105lbs next week. Those same progressions aren't as compatible in a home with no equipment vs in a well equipped personal training studio. So we do the best with what we can, increase cardio, increase volume, ignore rep count and more or less go with the rate of perceived exertion. 

If you would like to pursue online training, I am accepting clients there. It is ideal that you have a decent amount of equipment at home to work with but if not, I'm being a little more flexible during COV19.

Online training with me is customized towards the individual, I dewsign workouts based on what you have and what you need. Workouts are presented in a Excel spreadsheet and you check in following each session with your results. I will then update the spreadsheet for the next workout and answer any questions you may have. It's recommended you've been training for a year or two at least and feel confident with the movements and terms on your own.