My Statement Regarding The Coronavirus

             I feel it’s important to make a statement regarding the recent events surrounding the coronavirus as it relates to my facility.   As of this email, Mecklenburg County has banned gatherings of 50 or more people, and the federal government has recommended gatherings of no more than 10 people.  

                What makes my service unique is I only perform 1 on 1 personal training meaning there is never more than two people here at a given time (myself included).  While this is designed to provide a one of a kind service with undivided attention, it also creates a very clean, safe, and sanitized environment compared to other high traffic facilities.

                Cleanliness is not a new response to this pandemic but something that has been a top priority since my opening. Being the sole owner and trainer, I am responsible for every aspect of the facility including the cleanliness.

                A home gym environment is likely to be your safest choice at any point in time but my studio would be a close 2nd. As far as I know I am the only studio in Charlotte NC that operates with a sole trainer and a single client at any given time, other local smaller fitness studios will run multiple trainers and clients simultaneously.

                Current clients have been told it will now be mandatory to wash hands before and after each session to help ease concerns.

                I feel confident your risk is minimized in such a small isolated 1 on 1 facility compared to your traditional large membership gyms that have hundreds of people in and out daily with the responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing after themselves. I will continue to maintain a clean, safe, and sanitized facility as I’ve set out to do from day one but wanted to describe how the business operates as gym concerns have grown by day due to the coronavirus.