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Two Ways I'm Improving My Next Fat Loss Phase

Every time I cycle through a diet phase whether it be for fat loss, maintenance, or muscle gain I try to improve upon the previous run and make it more efficient. I’ve been doing this for a long while and I can still find ways to make it all...

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Discount Code For RP Diet App

I have updated the RP Diet App page on the website. I've been using/refering to Renaissance Periodization now since 2015 and this particular page on my website was a bit outdated and still referring to their diet templates. The Diet App which...

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RP Diet App vs RP Diet Template vs MyFitnessPal (Discount Code)

Renaissance Periodization Diet App Available for Android and Iphone. Use code "TC10" and you'll receive your first 6 months at the discount price of $9.99 vs normal price of $14.99. This is a monthly recurring subscription. If you...

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