RP Diet App vs RP Diet Template vs MyFitnessPal (Discount Code)

Renaissance Periodization Diet App

Available for Android and Iphone. Use code "TC10" and you'll receive your first 6 months at the discount price of $9.99 vs normal price of $14.99. This is a monthly recurring subscription.

If you opt in to their two week free trial it will invalidate this offer. You can choose between the two week free trial or the 6 month discount, cannot have both. 

RP Diet App vs RP Diet Templates vs MyFitnessPal

Difference between RP and MFP is RP tells you more or less what, how much, and at what time to eat. MFP allows you to track food within a daily budget, you're making the choices and not being told or suggested what to do. If you already have the RP diet templates, they're perfectly fine and you don't need the diet app. Assuming you adhere, templates are golden for what you want to accomplish. What makes the app different than the templates...

  • RP likens the comparison of the app vs templates to the gps vs a roadmap
  • you must check in with each meal, phone provides a notification
  • the algorithms update your diet weekly, no guessing when to progress along in your diet, you're told. You're asked to weigh-in 2 or 3 times weekly. You may override their recommendation but probably not the best idea
  • weight loss, muscle gain, and maintenance are all 3 options within the app. The templates you must choose weight loss or muscle gain
  • more extensive food database compared to templates
  • barcode scanner
  • will ask for feedback when adjusting your diet (do you feel you're eating enough, too little, just right, etc) to ultimately aid in adherence
  • You may filter food for certain diet restrictions: dairy free, gluten free, grain free, low fodmap, ovo-lacto vegetarian, paleo, and vegan
  • more features overall but i want to refrain from making an exhausting list...

What Would You Recommend?

I've always referred RP over MFP but one is free (MFP) and one is not. In my history of training clients I feel overall RP yields better adherence and better results. You get a solid recommendation of lean proteins, high fiber vegetables, and more satiating food. I'm not a fan of "portion control" because eating small amounts of savory food will inevitably increase your cravings.

Comparing the RP templates vs the RP app. I've used the calculations from RP's diet book for about 3 years and the 4 years prior I used the templates. I very recently started testing out the app. The automation of the diet in the app is the biggest benefit to me, saving me the time of writing out math calculations every few weeks.

I don't think you can go wrong with either of the 3. MFP requires a more hands on approach and a relatively firm understanding of basic nutrition and dieting to be successful. The RP diet app takes the most guess work away from the user. I would say the RP diet app allows more user flexibility than the template but both should yield similar results if adherence is high.

So far I'd probably pick the app over the templates but I like technology, I like everything being organized and easily accessible on my phone. The templates you can print out and place somewhere in your kitchen.