Discount Code For RP Diet App

I have updated the RP Diet App page on the website. I've been using/refering to Renaissance Periodization now since 2015 and this particular page on my website was a bit outdated and still referring to their diet templates. The Diet App which is described as a "Diet Coach" is their latest product and far more intuitive and personalized when compared to the original PDF file diet templates. 

The app is more precise and has the ability to adjust your calorie/macronutrient intake on a weekly basis depending upon how your progressing towards the goal you have set out for yourself. 

The updated page has plenty of links that will provide you with a 6 month discount code. I have also embedded a couple of YouTube videos that are unaffliated and RP but I feel they both provide a good representation of a "day in the life" on the RP diet along with being able to present a clear picture of what the app itself is like.