Brand New Rogue Monolift At Gym

A few months or so ago Rogue released their monolift version 2.0 and I ordered on the day it was released! We've had it at the studio for about a month now and I haven't heard anyone complain about it yet.

If you have no idea what or who "Rogue" is, they are a company who I would consider the "Nike" of fitness equipment. Most of my studio has been equipped with their brand.

If you are also unaware of what a "monolift" is, it's basically an attachment that allows you to setup more efficiently for the bench press and squat movements. It's safer in that you do not have to walk back after unracking a squat. 

If the above is foreign language to you, it's simply a very nice upgrade I just made that everyone seems to enjoy. I like it enough that I bought a 2nd one to go with a new Rogue rack that should be here early January or so!