Continuing Education in Personal Training

Every two years I have continuing education credits I need to take care in order to recertify my personal training certification. I've been active for almost a decade now and usually I take a big course but this time I decided to take a variety of smaller courses to hit more topics and kill the monotony of a 700 page textbook. 

In the process I've purchased a membership to the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science. I'll have endless hours of course material to go over and will continue to do so once I've surpassed my credits necessary to recertify. 

I'm about halfway done with my requirements but so far I've been certified and successfully passed the following courses:
Lumbar Extensor: Release and Lengthening
Deadlift Progressions
The Effects of Local Vibrtation
Gluteus Maximus Activation
Hip External Rotator: Release and Lengthening

Due to the wear I have on my body over the years my area of focus in large part is focused on the hip region. Everything is important but with years of baseball, running, and weightlifting...for myself I find I need to spend extra time and attention on my hips to keep them fresh and mobile.

More to come...