I Have Received The COVID Vaccine

As of Thursday March 4th, I have received the first shot of the Moderna vaccine for COVID. I will receive the 2nd shot on April 1st. According to the CDC, those who have had the full dosage of the vaccine should be potentially less susceptible to suffer from symptoms of COVID and less likely to transmit the virus to others. This has not been confirmed to be full proof by any means but is what it is. I thought I would share to potential new customers who have been reluctant to join gyms over the past year. 

I have been open for 9+ months now with no outbreaks or clusters among the roster of clients here since June of 2020. I, myself, have not gotten the COVID.

Regardless of what happens at the state or federal level, I will not be requiring proof of the vaccine at any point to work with anyone. There are safety protocols in place at the studio that I do expect everyone to adhere to but that is it. I'm simply sharing my status if it would ease the concerns of anyone stepping back into a gym for the first time in a while.

I will not be endorsing or encouraging anyone to get or not get the shot. I believe it's up to the individual and you'll have to make your own decisions about that. Definetly, not my place to share my two cents.