Biggest Beefiest Gym Addition - New Leg Press

I was fortunately able to get new Arsenal Strength Leg Press a few months early when it was delivered a few weeks ago in mid November. It was projected to get here in February 2024!

This is easily the most significant investment I've made equipment-wise with the gym and so far it's been a hit with everyone. It has a large footprint, built like a tank, huge footplate for variety of stances, wide backpad to accomodate the many builds that will use it...very smooth track. I'm very happy with it and currently use it 3 times weekly in my own training.

The attached picture is when it was initially installed, I have already arranged that room a bit differently but will potentially keep the belt squat machine in there. I plan to bring my calf raise machine back in this room and remove the plyo boxes....definetly some re-arranging to do and I've purchased some wall control pegboards to benefit from more storage flexibility. I've also cleaned all the dust & footprints from the assembly team of course.

I also made a handful of additional Black Friday purchases which I may detail later...most notably would be a new stainless steel Rogue female bella bar and the newest model of the Rogue dip attachment. Very nice upgrades in 2023!