Gym Lease Extended Thru August 2027

I have extended the lease in Ballantyne for another 3 years. The studio opened in September of 2012 and by the time the lease ends in August of 2027 I will have been operating out of this unit for 15 years!

Business has been running well all along but especially the past 2 years or so there has been very little turnover which is great for me (and existing clients) but it does limit the amount of new clients I can take on. The online personal training I provide may be an alternative to get started and get your foot in the door. Otherwise, in order to get on the wait list you must complete the new client application. As I type this the roster is currently full for in studio training but the applicants are who I will contact first when openings occur.

Wanted to share the positive news, thinking of additional ways I can continue to upgrade the studio as I'm locked in for a while!