3 Year Lease Extension Has Been Signed

A few weeks ago I signed another extension on my lease at Fox Run Business Park for an additional 3 years that kicks off September 1st 2021. This will be the start of my 9th year in this unit and I'm locked in through year 12. Taylor Carpenter Personal Training is the longest tenured business in the park. 

Large gyms in the Ballantyne area have gone out of business, sold to other chains, etc. This creates new hours, new policies, new classes for their customers. Many smaller studios have not survived the huge growth of Ballantyne in the past decade and many others struggled to survive the pandemic. 

Being around for nearly a decade at the same location I've been able to offer consistency and a reliable place for customers to train. The business is healthy and I hope/plan to add some new toys & upgrades to the studio in November around Black Friday. I would also like to have someone throw some fresh paint up but we'll see about that. 

Here until at least 2024!