Personal Trainer @ Taylor Carpenter's Personal Training Studio In Ballantyne, Charlotte NC

At Taylor Carpenter Personal Training, I provide the only true private one on one personal training facility in Charlotte, NC (Ballantyne). Work with a highly qualified professional personal trainer and reserve this studio exclusively for yourself! Gym is fully equipped with top of the line equipment, cardio room, shower, and kitchenette!

  • No groups during your one on one
  • No large crowds
  • No waiting for equipment
  • No contracts

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Why Choose Taylor Carpenter Personal Training in Charlotte, NC?

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I have worked with hundreds of personal training clients in Charlotte, NC ranging from 9 to over 70 years old. Some of the goals have included weight loss, nutrition training, strength gain, hypertrophy, sports performance, cardiovascular conditioning, overall health improvement, and most recently amateur bodybuilding.


I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Do you feel you could be doing something wrong? If you’re concerned about proper mechanics and form I’m here to help. Exercising can be very dangerous if done incorrectly and if you wind up on the disabled list, you won’t be reaching any of your goals!


Picking up a heavier or lighter weight is not necessarily the first step in altering an exercise’s difficulty level. Foot positioning, hand positioning, trunk positioning, repetition tempo are just a few things that can have an instant impact.


Shouldn’t the best personal trainer in Charlotte, NC already know it all? If I knew it all I wouldn’t have the capacity or need to learn anything else. I’m constantly looking for new knowledge to help myself grow, not only as a personal trainer but as someone trying to surpass my own fitness goals. I will be adding to my credentials in 2013 with the help of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I’m also continuing my studies in the Tom Purvis Resistance Training Specialist course.


Scroll up top to the video for a 2nd look. I’m always looking for new pieces to add. Next on the list I would like to purchase: some battle ropes & sandbags.


Without an improved diet, your hard work in the gym could go to waste assuming you’re not one of the lucky ones with amazing metabolism. I set clients up with a free website & iphone/android application for tracking your calories & macronutrients, a resource I use myself. I’m always available to answer your nutrition questions.


One of the best resources I have for advertising, are satisfied customers. If you refer business to me I will in turn reward you with free personal training sessions. This referral program is something I’m hoping to expand on in 2013 with a variety of different rewards.


I reward loyal clients who have stuck with me for over 3 months. As a gift during Christmas 2012 they were given a free workout, and in 2013 I will be providing a birthday gift as well. If you have interested friends or family ask about the free buddy sessions. Referrals will be your easiest way to really load up. Many opportunities!


Don’t fall into the marketing trap of those magic shakes (lose 30 lbs in 30 days by drinking this shake)! Motivational speakers can be very convincing but don’t be duped. I provide brand name supplements from trusted companies that have been around for decades and I can usually offer them to you for less than what you would pay in stores or online. Whey protein, multivitamins, fish oil, etc to supplement a healthy diet.


As a professional personal trainer, I network with many different health & wellness professionals in the Ballantyne area for a variety of reasons. I can highly recommend a registered dietitian, chiropractor, masseuse, sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, and more. As I try to get my name and service out there I am meeting weekly with people in our area.

Taylor Carpenter Personal Training
17232 Lancaster Hwy, Suite 111
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Phone: (704) 618-5853