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Philosophy of Personal Training in Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC

I Philosophy, Personal Training, Personal Trainer, Ballantyne, Charlotte, NCbelieve in progressive training. It’s self explanatory but there is no point in pushing the body through something it is not capable of handling. As a personal trainer I believe in building a strong foundation much like if you were to build a home. Without a strong foundation your walls may crack and the roof may cave.

Stabilization training, which challenges balance, improves core strength, assesses posture, and identifies muscle imbalances is how I like to start all my clients off regardless of goal. I train in different planes of motion and I like to target muscles from different angles.

Altering workouts on a regular basis is vital to keep your body guessing. This boosts metabolism as your body doesn’t know how much energy to expend. It should also help to prevent compensation (which can lead to injury) when you’re performing a variety of movements.

I have experience in fat loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, sports performance, and overall health. I individualize training programs for each client.


The philosophy, or science of nutrition is very, very simple: Energy in vs energy out. If you eat more calories than you use you will gain weight, if you do the opposite you will lose weight. You can make this a lot more technical but ultimately this is the information that most people need to learn. The philosophy, as i said, is very simple, the hard part is carrying it out. You will need to sacrifice. This may include giving up some of your favorite foods, it may require financial adjustments to eat healthier, or add bulk to your diet (if seeking muscle gains). If what you’re doing today is not working it’s obvious that changes must be made. Fortunately, even modest sacrifices can often result in major benefits.

For starters, I have my clients increase their daily water consumption to at least 64oz, taper off the carbs throughout the day (no starchy carbs in the evening), and cut out that excess sugar in your diet. If you can do those three things and stick to it, you will get results.