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Mobile Results Tracker App

Quick Description

  • Personalized dashboard to track results
  • Log workouts
  • Post progress photos
  • Log body measurements
  • Extensive results tracker
  • Extensive exercise library with video and text description when selecting exercises
  • One stop shop for progress monitoring
  • Built in private messaging system with your trainer
  • Existing studio clients gain free wifi access at the gym

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This is how the Taylor Carpenter Personal Training Results Tracker App works

This is a fantastic way to monitor all of your progress.

You can log your workouts while monitoring your long term strength and volume gains. If weight loss or muscle gain is your goal you can regularly update your body measurements along with your scale weight. Progress photos may be uploaded at any time.

For existing clients at my studio in Charlotte NC you may log your workouts during your sessions. All online app members will be granted free WiFi access at the studio to make logging quicker and more efficient!

For online clients around the world you may log your workouts or use the app to create and monitor your own workouts! You will have access to an extensive exercise library with streaming video examples along with text descriptions.

Lastly, a built in private messaging system is available to all for quick and easy communication!


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