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There is trying and there is doing. The ability to adhere is what will ultimately yield the results you're seeking. Regardless of the reasoning, whether justified or not, the lack of sticktoitiveness will undoubtedly diminish your rate of return.


My nutrition class is offered exclusively to my 1 on 1 personal training clients. Diet will ultimately dictate the success or lacktherof in your body composition goals. If the aesthetics are no concern to you and strength is where your primary focus lies...Proper nutrition will determine whether or not you will receive your greatest return on investment.

Clients struggle with different things whether it be timing, understanding nutrition labels, meal prepping, food selection, etc. This nutrition class is designed to focus on the individuals most pressing needs and what may be holding them back from greater success. I will first assess the problems and then design a nutrition class to focus primarily on addressing the most urgent needs.

Pricing: Nutrition classes are booked on a session to session basis and are 45 mins in length. Must be an active 1 on 1 personal training client. The fee is set at the current single session rate.

personal training charlotte nc

personal fitness trainer charlotte nc

Nutrition Class Features May Include

  • Reading Nutrition Labels
  • Calorie Counting
  • Learning How to Utilize MyFitnessPal
  • Meal Prepping
  • Creating a Eating Schedule
  • Food Selection (Volume vs Calories)
  • Calculating Calorie & Macronutrient Intake
  • Calorie Free or Low Calorie Food Options