4 Healthy Habit Tips For Staying On Track While On Vacation

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As many of you know I’m heading on vacation for the remainder of the week. While I do like to indulge on vacation (OVERindulge) as a treat I still make it a point to log my food daily (466 myfitnesspal days and counting!) and find opportunities to get a workout in.

1. Google search gyms in the area. Nowadays even small remote locations tend to have some type of fitness facility. I always scope out the area, distance from my hotel and try to find a number of reviews/pictures to see if it has what I want. In the case you are so remote there is no gym bring some bands, a jungle gym, a jump rope, etc…Swimming, bike riding, running could also be alternatives if thats an issue.

2. Still log your food. So I’m going to cheat, I’m going to blow calories out of the water. However, logging my food is part of my daily routine. Not going to get out of that routine, log your food and log it accurately. When your back to the normal daily grind it won’t be hard to pick it back up if it was never left off.

3. Bring some healthy options. Eating out is generally bad, not much getting around it. High fats, high sodium, high calories. Hard boil some eggs, pack some oatmeal, pack some almonds, fresh fruits, etc…

4. Save your Macros. I not only track my calories but also my macros (protein, carbs, and fat). If I know I’m going to be having a high fat dinner (ex, ribeye steak) then early on in the day I will limit my fat intake and try to save up for the big ribeye. If you had out for a Italian pasta dinner limit your carb intake for earlier in the day.

Back on Monday!

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