Save Fat Loss For After The Holidays! Now Is Time To Prepare

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Eager to cut! Set the date for next Wednesday December 28th (post holidays) to start my 3rd cutting (fat loss) phase @ base with Renaissance Periodization.

Christmas, for most people is a time of indulgence and excuses (however you want to look at it). This is not an ideal time for fat loss. This is however, the ideal time to prepare for a fat loss cycle. Most people will work a little less this week, possibly next week as well. Utilize that free time to make your next cutting fat loss phase more successful!

About a dozen or so existing clients should be lined up to start their 2nd cycle in January/February. Now, with the holidays and most people working a lighter week….THIS is the time to prepare for next week. Print your templates out (home & work), figure out your meals, determine your food choices/scale weights, what time of day you’ll eat the meals, make sure you’re stocked up on casein, whey, and your intra shake carbs, etc…

If you’re forced to go out of town or eat out over the time period of your next cut, look up restaurants now, hotels with mini-kitchens, think of things to carry on to the plane with you, identify grocery stores nearby, etc…Set yourself up to succeed instead of falling off the wagon for a trip you know about 2 months in advance.

If you need extra cardio/weight training sessions….identify where you’ll fit those in NOW. Learn from your first cycle and apply to the 2nd. Most people in the 100-200lb range will be shooting for a 0.5-1.5lbs per week of weight loss and people over 200lbs will be shooting for 1-2lbs per week of weight loss. Diet and exercise adherence will make the higher end of those goals more easily attainable.

If adhering to your foods was an issue, determine what change you can make today to succeed. If you need to throw in cardio/weights in your first cycle but “didn’t have time” figure out a way to make the time before you get started.


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Taylor Carpenter is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Taylor was featured as a fitness expert in the first publication of NASM's "The Fitness Edge".
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