REVIEW: Eat Like A Caveman! (Paleo Diet)

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I was checking out a popular fitness blog and came across her take on the Paleo diet. I’m a firm believer in eating a variety of foods, calculating your calories/macronutrients and limiting your cheats…the emphasis being on eating the appropriate cals/macros. That method has always worked for me (and quite frankly, is common sense) so with the unlimited amount of diets that come out, I typically don’t concern myself with too many.

This Paleo diet has become increasingly popular and its nice to see something that doesn’t put ill informed people on a no carb diet.

As you can see, the food options are the only choices our ancestors had, this diet completely cuts out any processed food. No dairy, pasta, bread, sugar, salt, beans, etc…Thats enough for me to not ever want to give this a try BUT, that doesn’t mean its horrible for someone else.

The paleo diet allows only for fish, meat (preferably wild or grass-fed pasture raised), vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts. These are all great healthy, wholesome foods…are they not? If your goal happens to be weight loss and majority of your carbs consist of green vegetables such as green beans, you can eat a plate full and come nowhere close to the calories in a serving of whole wheat pasta.

Chronic disease, auto immune disorders, and allergic conditions are often linked to the poor diets that majority of our country consumes. Paleo supporters believe a shift back to the natural intake will lead to a healthier country.

At the end of the day, I feel if you’re getting the appropriate protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet while staying within your caloric budget…then you’ll be happy with the results and this would be the ideal “diet”. If you’re looking to experiment, if you have a tough time staying on track, if you can’t avoid your bread cravings, then go ahead and give Paleo a shot, it could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Another diet alternative is to utilize the MyPlate guide however I think it could be easy to overindulge without tracking your calories. is a great free option.



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Taylor Carpenter is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Taylor was featured as a fitness expert in the first publication of NASM's "The Fitness Edge".
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