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Hourly Personal Training Rates

Fitness Business Consulting by Taylor Carpenter – Fitness Consultant

Be your own boss, set your own rates, create your own policies, book your own schedule… Want job security? The Department of Labor projects a 13% growth in personal trainers between 2012 and 2022! So why is personal training known for having such an exorbitant turnover rate?

The Answer

Trainers are not prepared to succeed. There is an assumption that one starts out at $15/hr-$20/hr (entry level), you clock in, hang out and chat with your client for 30-45 minutes, they follow everything you were taught in your certification, get rapid results and then you have a flock of eager referrals knocking down your door to train with you, clock out, cash in. Part time work, full time pay…This could not be further from the truth.

While I highly value my National Academy of Sports Medicine credentials and hold the company in high regard, they do not prepare you to own a business. They teach you how to train clients safely as do most highly touted certification organizations. That’s what they’re supposed to do, and they’re a great resource for that. Just because you have a certificate does not mean you will succeed nor does it mean you will be offered a good job.

My first client, I sold a $100 package to off of Craigslist for 5-1 hour sessions. I trained this person in my apartments community gym. At the time I worked for UPS, I umpired baseball, and I drove a forklift (all 3 low hourly wages). While working those 3 jobs and preparing for my personal training exam I spent nearly every spare moment preparing for that test and reading everything I could about training. After becoming certified, the 4 job load continued for at least a year.

The light at the end of the tunnel…In less than 5 years, I’ve taken myself from the situation above, working four jobs and making just over $30,000/yr to owning my own personal training studio in prestigious Ballantyne with a 6 figure salary. I worked endlessly and dealt with a lot of turmoil along the way but all was well worth it coming out on the other side. My experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge to be shared not only in regards to the actual training of clients but also running a successful business from the ground up.

I now have opportunities to expand, employ other trainers, dive into affliate marketing, explore supplements, money for other career opportunities, investments, relationships, etc…Running my own personal training studio has created avenues that were not previously available and its my choice which pathways to pursue at this point

What You Can Expect From My Personal Training & Business Consulting…

This is not a trick to work 15 hours weekly and make $100,000. You will have to put in a lot of time and effort, but through experience, trial, and error I’ve made my business and life much more efficient with the time I do have. I wish I had a mentor early on who would’ve saved me from all this time wasted! Much like training, those who are lazy and make excuses get nowhere fast. Those that put their head down, do the work and make no excuses keep pushing forward.

  • 1 Year of 24/7 Personal Training & Business Consulting Support via Email – I will answer any and all of your questions, typically within a 24 hour period. I will be mentoring virtually every step of the way.
  • A In-Person Consultations @ My Studio – The 1st consultation will be a meeting to discuss your goals and what you hope to accomplish. Additional appointments may be made as needed for a discounted fee.
  • How To Determine Rates?
  • How To Accept Payments From Clients?
  • How To Improve Client Retention?
  • How To Determine Your Niche?
  • How To Determine Where You Are Wasting Your Time?
  • When Is It Time To Branch Off & Work For Yourself?
  • How To Create Client Policies That Will Protect You In Every Situation?
  • Setting Up An LLC?
  • Getting Started With An Accountant?
  • Continuing Education Credits?
  • The 80/20 Rule & How It Applies To Everything?
  • How To Work Smart & Not Harder? Less Hours?
  • How To Unload Work You Don’t Need To Be Doing To Do More Work You Want To Be Doing?


A full year of service for a one time flat fee & special introductory price of just $250.00.

This would be step 1 in working smarter. You can spend endless hours researching what methods personal trainers use, you can sift through the hundreds of thousands of pages on Google answering the questions above, or you could have access to someone who has been there and done it with an existing & active business to prove it. Imagine you could be working with clients and getting paid during all those hours of trial & error. That is efficiency.