Charlotte Personal Trainer Nutrition

MyFitnessPal – Personal Trainer in Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC is an extremely helpful resource for anyone attempting to manage their weight and body fat. They market towards the weight loss crowd but this serves as a perfect tool for maintaining and adding size as well. I personally use this website for counting calories and found it so easy to use that I never had a reason to try any other sites. I highly, highly, highly recommend you all sign up for this FREE WEBSITE and start logging your food intake today!

Benefits of

1. Easy to Use
2. Searchable food database of nearly 2,000,000 items (and counting)
3. “Remember Meals” option
4. Social Media – Add & invite friends, share food journals, hold each other accountable
5. Interactive community filled with individuals who can answer all your nutrition needs
6. Personalize your diet profile, manually change your calories & macronutrients
7. FREE Android/Iphone application for your phone

MyFitnessPal Tips

1. Register your free profile at
2. Make your food journal viewable to friends by updating your Diary Settings at this location