Personal Training Studio Gallery

Taylor Carpenter’s Personal Training Studio

I have my own private personal training studio located in the Ballantyne area. The facility is located just 5 minutes from the 485 Johnston Rd exit and extremely close to the SC border. Conveniently located on Lancaster HWY in Charlotte, NC.

Fox Run Business Park
17232 Lancaster Hwy, Suite 111
Charlotte NC, 28277

Studio Features
Full bathroom w/ Shower
Reception Area
Ample Parking

Tools To Get You Fit

I typically put clients on 4-6 week workout routines. Training variables such as frequency, muscle splits, lighter/heavier weight, lower/higher rep count, slower/faster tempo, etc are altered to help a client reach his/her goal(s). Variety is key in program design but I believe equally important in the equipment I utilize.  We kill the monotony of lifting two dumbbells from point A to point B 15 times when different modalities are used such as barbells, suspension systems, medicine balls, balancing tools, cables, etc…and more importantly these all help recruit muscle in different ways to keep your body guessing. You will never go through the same workout twice. All clients have unique programs they will battle through with my guidance session to session.

I regularly scout online and locally for new fitness tools to bring into the personal training mix. Whatever I discover that proves to be efficient, challenging and enjoyable I’ll bring into the studio. Monotony leads to complacency, keep things moving, changing and never get bored!

Free Weights
Reverse Hyperextension
Glute Ham Developer
Concept2 Rower
Safety Squat Bar
Wide Variety of Barbells
Jungle Gym XT
Plyometric Boxes
Medicine Balls
Treadmill, Elliptical, Stairmaster
Cable Tower
Swiss Balls
Bosu Balls
Resistance Bands
and more…