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My girlfriend somehow came across the app Fooducate in the Google Play Store. We both have Android, but I would assume this can be found on the Iphone as well. Please comment below and verify.

Fooducate is a free app that can be downloaded here for Android users.

This allows you to scan a barcode of any food item you want and they provide a A-F grade rating for that food. I’ve played with it the last couple days and the database of items seems to be pretty large and growing by the day. It highlights the good and the bad of the product, it warns you if an item is highly processed, contains artificial sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, excess sugar, etc…

It also provides alternatives for you although this feature needs a lot of work. As I was browsing through protein bars, I made a selection and one of the alternatives was an apple. An apple is no alternative to a protein bar so I’m not sure why that shows up.

However, this is a handy little tool to add to your smartphone and help you make informed decisions when you’re unsure at the grocery store. Now if someone could just merge Fooducate and My Fitness Pal!


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Taylor Carpenter is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Taylor was featured as a fitness expert in the first publication of NASM's "The Fitness Edge".
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