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Supplement Info Added, Now Selling

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I’ve added about 10 items to the STORE CATEGORY here on my blog. All of these supplements and fitness accessories I will be selling, in the future I may or may not add the pricing for each, right now I just wanted all the details and nutrition facts available easily available for everyone. Prices are posted in the studio or you can send me an email for a price list.

Not only am I providing some of the most affordable ...

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Blender bottles, workout gloves, thinkThin bars

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Just picked up a small order of some new products this week! Controlled Labs blender bottles, Valeo workout gloves (all sizes), thinkThin bars, and multivitamins from Optimum Nutrition.

I posted a few pics on Taylor Carpenter’s Personal Training Facebook page.

Read what Think Products have to say about their tasty thinkThin product line below…
10g Protein. 4g Fiber. Gluten Free. The Low Sugar Nut Bar. Perfectly made for the health nut in all of us, thinkThin Crunch delivers peanuts, almonds, ...

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