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There are all of a sudden a million different brands & types of protein on the market, where do you look? The price for protein has also skyrocketed over the past two years. To get the purest highest quality protein you will surely have to pay more.

I used to get a 6lb bag of whey protein from Costco, manufactured by Cytosport (the makers of Muscle Milk) a highly reputable brand. It was just $27.99 for a 6lb bag….Last weekend that same exact bag is now $48.99!! More and more people are supplementing with protein, gas costs for transportation are rising, and the price of milk is rising.

With such wide variety of choices, how do you choose whats right? has a very short but to the point article describing the different between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. A few years ago whey concentrate was what you would see advertised primarily in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc..Now its just one of many things.

Whey protein isolate is actually a more pure protein supplement, meaning that a larger % of the powder in that bag is actual protein…according to the above article about 90%. With that higher quality comes a higher price tag, a major drawback in the already never ending rise of protein prices.

I believe asking your local nutrition shop expert for a high quality, highly recommended protein blend including concentrate, isolate, casein, etc. is the best bang for your buck and sufficient for majority of people.

The key to remember is protein powder is just a supplement, thats all, meant to aid you in reaching the appropriate macronutrient intake in a given day.



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Taylor Carpenter is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Taylor was featured as a fitness expert in the first publication of NASM's "The Fitness Edge".
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