101 Days Until Thanksgiving, Start Fat Loss Diet Now!

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As I write this on August 13th there are 101 days to go until Thanksgiving, about 14.5 weeks. If your goal is fat loss then today is time to get serious about it. Very few people are going to be successful dieting for weight loss during the holidays and if you attempt to diet during that period you’re not designing a plan with the likelihood of a positive outcome. Start dieting today, get strict for about 12 weeks and then attempt to “maintain” that bodyweight from mid November through the New Year while you “enjoy life”.

A reasonable goal for weight loss is to lose about 1% of your bodyweight per week. I think 0.5% of your bodyweight is probably more sustainable for most people.

A 300lb person losing 1.5lbs per week results in 18lbs lost in 12 weeks
A 200lb person losing 1lb per week results in 12lbs lost in 12 weeks
A 100lb person losing 0.5lb per week results in 6lbs lost in 12 weeks

All three individuals would look noticeable leaner in 3 months and you must remember that it’s going to be more difficult to lose weight the leaner you become.

Most people can start with a daily 500 calorie deficit from their “weight maintenance diet” for weight loss as 3500 calories yields about a pound of loss weekly. You cannot determine these numbers without logging your food, and the more you “cheat”, eat out or consume unknowns the less certain the accuracy of what you’re logging.

Many scenarios come up when dieting but you need to decide whether you’re in a diet or not. There are valid and invalid excuses but both result in getting the job done, when you’re hardcore in a diet you simply need to prioritize your food intake or you won’t see the results you desire.

• I didn’t have time (for a million reasons)
• My kid is sick
• I had to work late
• My parents are in town
• I got invited to dinner
• It was a birthday party
• But it was Labor Day weekend
• My flight got delayed
• I was bored
• I went out with friends

All those excuses and then some are going to come up throughout the year, many times unexpected. But we already know for a fact the holidays are coming and we all know weight is typically gained during the end of year. Plan to take 3 steps forward over the next 12 weeks and allow yourself 1 step back before revving it back up for the New Year.

Once the middle of November hits most people should switch towards a “maintenance” phase. The goal of maintenance should be to lower your training volume a bit, and allow your body some recovery after more intense training during your 3 month diet period (Aug-Nov). You should also be increasing your calories a bit during maintenance, “enjoying life” a little bit with the occasional drink or free meal. It simultaneously would serve as a relaxation period for those that find a restrictive diet very mentally challenging.

For those of you who get lean enough after the 3 month diet you may even opt to mass or intentionally gain weight through the holidays with the mindset of maximizing muscle gain. This is a time where you can rev your training up even more intensely with the over abundance of calories you would be consuming so long as the holidays don’t really wreck your training schedule too much.

Just something to think about but the clock is now ticking. If your goal is weight loss, tighten things up now because the holiday excuse is not very far away and I’m fairly certain everyone will be indulging at the end of the year.

If you’re not in the market for a personal trainer then you may want to consider the automated RP diet templates. They’re just a one time fee of $109 and could potentially last you a full year or longer.


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Taylor Carpenter is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Taylor was featured as a fitness expert in the first publication of NASM's "The Fitness Edge".
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